Mobile Yellow Pages to search 250,000+ Hong Kong company information

“yp1083” enables you to reach all Hong Kong businesses directly! With over 250,000 Hong Kong contacts, covering business, retail, government, public institutions, local services and other business services, it is the local Yellow Pages in your mobile device. You can search for company information in one step by just entering company names and keywords, no tedious searching process is required. It is your best companion no matter you are living or travelling in Hong Kong.

------ Main Features -----
- Over 250,000 Hong Kong business information showing telephone number, address, opening hours and more
- Mall directory, opening hours and more of over 150 Hong Kong malls and 7,000 shops at a glance
- Search by name, keyword, category, district and location nearby
- Tap-to-call business directly

----- Save & Share -----
- Save listing to Contacts
- Share listing via different platforms such as email and SMS
- Bookmarks feature to save your favorite companies

*Skypiea Mobile Limited involved.

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